Advantages of Good Website Hosting for your Site in SEO

One of the most widely used and influential online marketing methods is through search engine optimization. Just as the name says, this marketing technique aims at enhancing the ranking of a website in the various search engines. Search engine optimization plays an active role in terms of traffic and ranking which can have a significant impact on your website performance.

What many webmasters do not know is that SEO is closely linked to web hosting. Many of them actually do not associate search engine optimization with their web hosting provider. However, it is important for you to recognize and appreciate the vital role played by web hosting in search engine optimization of your website.

Speed of the server matters

Considering the importance of web hosting in SEO, it is really important that you to choose the right web host. The common practices of SEO are actually related to web coding. It is common for one to wonder what hosting has to do with SEO. Just recently, Google made an announcement saying that page speed is an essential element in its search ranking algorithm. This means that the faster your website pages loads the better it will rank in Google. In this regard, it makes perfect sense for you to choose a reliable web host for the purpose of SEO.

The “Optimize website” feature

Now, a good number of web hosting service providers usually offer a function known as optimize website. This feature essentially operates by automatically compressing all the files before they are made available to viewers. You can confirm whether this feature is in your web hosting package by trying to locate the ‘optimize website’ button on your cPanel. Ensure to confirm this or even make inquiries with the tech support of your chosen web hosting provider if this feature exists before you subscribe to any hosting plans.

Uptime and reliability

Choosing the right web hosting provider is extremely critical to your website’s success. Reliability and uptime are primarily two crucial factors that every business owner should keep into consideration when searching for a host.

This is especially the case going by the latest buzz from Google regarding the importance of speed as a key component of search engine optimization. It is after Google’s announcement that people should start taking a closer look at the role played by web hosts as far as the speed of your site is concerned.

Choose a web hosting company that promises and has a history of delivering reliable service when it comes to your website speed and an impressive uptime guarantee. The website speed delivered by your web host’s server determines the overall rank in search engine optimization.

According to Matt Cutts, a Google programmer, site speed is going to become an important factor in the future page rank algorithms and this makes perfect sense. Websites that rank fast usually provide satisfactory customer experience providing enough reason why they should be rewarded in the rankings.

This means that sites that load slowly and consequently frustrating visitors will be ranked low in the search engine optimization. Even though the date for consideration of site speed is yet to be announced, Yahoo! Bing and others should be expected to follow shortly after Google goes through with this.

What can you do to enhance the speed of your website and positively influence search engine optimization ranking? If you did not know anything, the most salient factors that influence your website speed and soon enough your page rank are actually things within your control. The manner in which your site is designed, image size, excessive tables, lack of compression and JavaScript are essentially some of the few issues that can dramatically impact the speed of your website.

Although there are online tools or software that can help you solve this problem, getting the right web hosting solutions will go a long way in enhancing the speed of your site. Do background research on finding a suitable web host to ensure that your website is easily accessible by your visitors at all time. This is the time to ensure that your site speed is acceptable to avoid being left behind when Google and the rest of the search engines begin to reward and even penalize sites based on the speed.

Check out what your web host can offer and more so try to streamline your site. 

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