Adobe to introduce Photoshop CC on Touch devices

In a report by Eric Blattberg of VentureBeat, in the coming weeks, Photoshop CC -the cloud-based version of Adobe Photoshop , will be optimised for touch devices as well. This was demonstrated by Michael Gough, the VP of experience design at Adobe, at the launch event of Microsoft Surface Pro 3. The new feature will enable tablet users to zoom, pan and rotate images with their fingertips, like they could in other devices like iPad, Android, and Surface apps.

Adobe is looking at enhancing its photoshop software more viable for touch-screen devices, like enabling icon enlargement by 200 percent. Photoshop CC already works on Microsoft Surface tablets with pen devices.

The 24 year-old graphics-editing software has already launched a few mobile apps –  the Photoshop Express and Photoshop Touch, but unlike the Photoshop CC, they are not fully loaded. It is likely to benefit the professional designers by giving them the option to keep working even on the go.

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