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Acer promotes BYOC as future of cloud computing

Acer, today, announced the ‘Build your Own Cloud’ platform with focus on convergence devices. The move was taken to responds to a shrinking PC market an compete against cloud leaders Amazon and Google.

Acer is among players who were hot badly with the downfall in PC sales in Global market. The company is now attempting to enter into an area which is so competitive that even Amazon and Google are looking out for strategies to survive.

 “The computer is still our foundation, but BYOC is a new platform for integration, cross-compatibility and convenience,” said company founder and chairman Stan Shih. (As covered by Reuters)

The company is promoting BYOC as the future of cloud computing by focusing on Internet of Things, which allows for remote connectivity across a range of devices. 

“Acer has proven itself good at supply-chain integration, so it may be able to exert better cost control over its data centres than players who have less hardware experience,” said aid analyst James Lin of KGI Securities. (As covered by Times of India)

Image Credit: PCWorld

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