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US based ActMobile acqui-hires Indian tech startup Colimetrics

Colimetrics Software, a Bangalore based technology startup that helps businesses improve employee productivity, has recently been acquired by US-based mobile technology company ActMobile Networks.

According to The Economic Times, which first reported the news, the deal was finalised as an all-stock transaction where the team at Coimetrics will receive a certain number of shares each in ActMobile, making it an acqui-hire deal. They will now work for ActMobile from Bangalore, including Coimetrics’ chief executive Pankaj Kulkarni.

“To pay bills, we did a services project for ActMobile and they liked our engineering talent,” said Kulkarni to The Economic Times, who is now vice president for engineering at ActMobile.


Founded in 2012, Colimetrics offers enterprise solutions that help companies and its employees deal with email overload.

Its proprietary product KeyMails is an email prioritizer for Microsoft Outlook users, which ranks emails in the order of importance to its user – and thus increase productivity. The company has moreover developed a data analytics engine that mines data to improve employee productivity.

Another recent aqui-hire of Indian company include Facebook’s acquisition of Bangalore based Little Eye Labs, where the team moved to Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California, post acquisition.

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