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Prefundia – helping projects predict their future on Kickstarter

Crowdfunding has exploded in the past few years giving entrepreneurs a new way to fund their startups. Global crowdfunding raised nearly USD 2.7 billion for more than 1 million campaigns in 2012, according to a new report by Massolution.

According to the statistics released by Kickstarter, in 2013 some three million donors gave USD 480 million to the successful 19,000 projects. But on the same time more than 50 percent of the total projects being run on Kickstarter were unsuccessful due to their inability of raising funds – and Prefundia for Kickstarters claims to change that.

The platform helps projects predict their future and take required measures to avoid failure. Other than Kickstarter, Prefundia also supports Indiegogo campaigns.

With its set of tools, Prefundia captures variables such as page-views, unique visitors, emails captured, conversion rates, social shares, etc. to predict the success of a crowdfunding project. Makers can use the tools to view the conversion rate of their projects and hence predict the possible outcome.


Since launching its currently free service back in 2013, Prefundia has acquired some 12,000. The startup moreover claims that roughly 6% of all Kickstarter projects launch on Prefundia first.

Prefundia has recently opened its platform for mobile developers (iOS and Android only). “Launching an app is extraordinarily similar to launching a crowdfunding project. They both take time in development and they both need a strong following before actually launching,” claims the team.

They moreover believe that working for mobile apps will help Prefundia to increase its client base significantly and help young and aspiring app developers to build successful apps – at the same time.

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