You Can Run Business on Cloud at Less than $1/Employee/Day

No wonder, Cloud computing is seen as the next wave of information technology for individuals, businesses and even governments. By the end of this decade almost the entire globe is expected to be connected to Internet with one device or the other. And cloud – with its massive progression power – could be the force to connect these people with each other.

According to Gartner, organisations around the world are investing heavily in cloud technologies like Google, Amazon. As released in its 2013 annual report for the investors, IBM earlier said that the company is betting high on its cloud and big data technologies – more than its hardware business. It moreover is looking to gradually divert itself from its hardware manufacturing business and focus exclusively on software.

The demand for big data and analytic technologies is rapidly increasing, with the market for data and analytics estimated to reach USD 187 billion in 2015. Some other names looking forward for new innovations in cloud this year include BSNL,British Telecom, OpenXcell, HP etc.

MediaAgility’s less than $1/employee/day Cloud strategy

Within this decade, a lot of businesses are choosing to switch to the cloud for enterprise solutions and reaping the business benefits of cloud computing; US based CSB MediaAgility claims to enable businesses to switch to the cloud, A to Z – all at a cost of less than $1/employee/day. The company first embodied this framework internally and was successful in establishing the entire business operations on the Cloud.

The company created a team of change agents that challenged every single business process and migrated it to the Cloud. “This required tremendous effort in evaluating numerous cloud solutions, doing pilot runs, selecting a solution and sometimes changing it within few months if required. Most important were user training and change management. After a year of stable operations we are now optimizing our costs at an incredible level of less than $1 per employee per day,” says Rajesh Abhyankar, CEO and Co-founder, MediaAgility.

The company has deployed applications like Google+ for Business for Social Media, 7Geese for People Operations, Google Apps for messaging and collaboration and Expensify for Expense Management, among others.

From Employee Productivity to Sales, Service and Marketing; Communications to People Operations; Accounting and Finance to Software Development, MediaAgility deploys cloud based technologies to any operational aspects of a company – all of which comes at a cost less than $1 per employee per day. More details can be found in a white paper authored by MediaAgility.

Cost per Business Function

mediaagility table

  • Total – $3,268/month
  • Employees – 130
  • Per Employee – $25/employee/month.
  • Less than $1/employee/day

The heart of its architecture is the Identity management provided by Google Apps. With two-factor authentication, it claims to offer a secure mechanism to access all the cloud based services.

Some products like TeamworkPM do not support Google Apps Single Sign On yet – which MediaAgility’s team manage manually.

“Today we are able to optimize the license and operational cost of running our IT systems to less than $1/employee/day that is ⅓ of the price of a Latte. If we get creative by calculating the soft ROI like increased productivity, reduced travel costs, time saving in searching old mail archives and ability to work from anywhere on a device, we are sure the true cost of our innovative solution might be approaching $0!” claims Vidushi Bhatia, Manager – Enterprise Marketing.

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