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Now get your own website up and running in less than 13 minutes with NowFloats Boost

One of the biggest pain-point for small scale startups today is having an online presence and that too with a minimal investment of time and other resources. While there are several players like Zepo, Buildabazaar and Shopify working in this niche to help startups build a website, Hyderabad based NowFloats has taken a slightly different approach.

Enabling SMBs get online and get discovered on search engines, NowFloats helps businesses create their own website in less than 13 minutes by sending a few SMSs, that includes information such as name and address of the business, website name etc. One can also have his/her website up and ready by using NowFloat’s mobile app.

Launched in 2012 with its sale operations started in August 2012, the company initially offered SMS service only. But with changing technology, and smartphones, mobile apps being a crucial part of the digital world, the company launched its mobile app called NowFloats Boost (Beta) in November 2013.

The app works on a freemium model. That is, anyone can download the app for free and start using the product. However, they need to pay to access some of its premium features.

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With its patented Location based SEO algorithm technology, the startup ensures high discoverability through search engine optimisation. NowFloats notes that its mission is to bring Indian SMBs online.

“To share some numbers, there are 47 million SMBs in India alone. Out of which, 9.6 million feel the need to be online. However, only 0.6 million have an online presence. Our task is to get the remaining SMBs online,” claims the team. The numbers also address to a significant market opportunity to such businesses operating in India.

With offices in Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad, NowFloats has managed to acquire some 12,500 customers in over 50 countries. In 2013, the startup had raised angel investment led by Blume Ventures and Mumbai Angels.

They are now in the process of raising the next round to further accelerate the growth operations.

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