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LocoMapia helps you map your friends’ location in real time – anywhere, anytime

Location Based Mobile services [LBMS] is expected to be the next buzzword in the mobile app industry. Growing adoption of GPS devices is the key driver, helping a whole host of different applications and services to grow. The global location-based services market is enjoying strong growth. Revenue is expected to reach US$10.3bn in 2015, up from $2.8bn in 2010.

There are a number of different factors driving market growth, including increasing GPS and smartphone adoption, success of new business models, continued growth of mobile advertising, and the wider coverage and higher speeds of mobile networks.

Betting high on the market, Cochin based web and mobile based technology solutions providerVeeble has launched its own location based mobile app LocoMapia. It works as a real time location sharing mobile app that updates the location, route, and distance between connected LocoMapia users.

Although there are quite a few similar apps in the market already, LocoMapia claims to be unique in its approach and the fact that it works even without GPS. It uses the phone contact list to connect between LocoMapia users and gives alert each time a person in the contact list comes aboard.

The app gives distance and route to reach a particular person and helps the user decide whether it’s worth a walk or the metro. Similarly, while travelling, if one dozes off and lose track of time and place, all it needs is a peek into LocoMapia which gives the exact location info.

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“The application comes handy in various real life situations. Parents can track the exact location of their children. There’s no need to call up every time everyone to know where they have reached, as long as they’re your LocoMapia contact and their location is shared with you” said Ashwin Narasimha, CEO, Veeble.

At backend, LocoMapia uses GPS and network data to identify the location of the user. The obtained data goes through many of the complex algorithms run on its servers and returns the shortest route, air distance and a few other parameters between the users to the end device. It  claims to fetch GPS, AGPS and network data from the terminal device, any given time. “The auto location updating process is initiated from the app end and all the data processing, external API calls etc are done at the server end. This helps to keep the app light and fast.” said Ajin Baby, COO, Veeble.

LocoMapia does not (and will not, as claimed by the company) support ads as a means to monetize. “LM user is of prime importance to us. We are not focusing on creating revenue from LM as such,” the team claimed. However at the same time they are focusing on developing enterprise level applications and is currently in talks with a few companies on similar projects.

The app is free to download and is presently available only in the Android/Google Play Store; compatible with Android 2.1 and higher. LocoMapia for other mobile platforms will be available within the coming months in Blackberry, Windows, and iOS versions, as per the company.

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