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Linkedin reaches 300 million mark, with 50 % of traffic coming from mobile

With over 300 million users on its network, social network Linkedin is betting big on mobile to drive growth, as around 50 percent of its traffic is expected to have come from mobile devices.

“We know mobile is critical. Later this year, we are going to hit our mobile moment, where mobile accounts for more than 50% of all global traffic,” said Deep Nishar, Senior Vice President, Linkedin in a blog post.


Linkedin users from Costa Rica, Malaysia, Singapore, Sweden, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom, access their Linkedin profile more on their mobile devices than on their desktop computers. On an average, 15 million profile, 1.45 million job and 44,000 job applications are being viewed in over 200 countries through mobile everyday.

A jump from 200 million user milestone in January 2013, means that the company’s traffic figures have added an average of 6.6 million new users per month over the past 15 months.

“While this is an exciting moment, we still have a long way to go to realise our vision of creating economic opportunity for every one of the 3.3 billion people in the global workforce,” Nishar said. He further added that the company is working on delivering more personalized experience built around members and their identity, network and knowledge.

No wonder, the next big thing is getting smaller and smaller. As our daily internet consumption habits are changing, the social media industry is also witnessing a change in their native platforms and user behavior.

Smartphone hardware has matured, and this is not the case of Linkedin alone. Social media giant Facebook is also witnessing a similar trend. Following which, the company has doubled down on development of its mobile product, as stated by its founder Mark Zuckerberg in a recent interview with New York Times.  

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