[Infographic] Internet of Things in 2020

Traditional internet, as we know it today has lost its value. Companies who have become billion dollar with internet being their core business, have realised that the way new world is moving, demands more than just offering simple/closed infrastructure internet services.

As said by Ashish Paul, Chairman and CEO, The Legend Group, at #IRE 2014, internet started its journey in 1969, but in 2014 its dead and by 2020 we will be having an entire new world, that would be known as ” Inter-Universe”.

In this universe, a cricket ball could tell you whether it has hit the boundary or not; a wallet which would alert you whenever you cross an ATM and you are short of cash at that moment, a bookshelf that will select books on its own and the list was endless.

With brands like Google, Apple, Intel, etc. opening up new dimensions in Internet of Things, the future seems much more connected.

Here is an infographic created by Xively [as published by DailyInfographic] depicting the future of Internet of Things by 2020.

xively-infogram (1)


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