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Google celebrates #MyBeautifulEarth – curates content from Google+pages

Internet search giant Google is celebrating Earth day by posting a number of changeable Google doodles on its homepage. These include a stylized Google logo highlighted with a hummingbird, a dung beetle or a moon jellyfish, among others.


The company has a long history of putting Google Doodle on its homepage on special days. But on this doodle occasion, it has even provided its Google+ users to contribute and take part in – by curating their Google+ content.

“There’s no place like #MyBeautifulEarth. Share your photos for Earth Day,” wrote the company on its home page.

People can share some of their best outdoor photos on Google+ tagged with #MyBeautifulEarth that others can see directly from Google’s home page. So just share your favorite photo(s) from your corner of the world to the Google+, tagged with #MyBeautifulEarth and let the world see your work.


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