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[Funding] July Systems, WittyParrot and more

Cross-Platform mobile solution provider July Systems raises $2.1M

Without disclosing much details, Bangalore and CA based July systems raised USD 2.1 million, as revealed from its SEC filing last week . The funding is a part of total USD 2.9 million funding that the firm is currently raising, reports Startup Central.

Founded in 2001, the venture is an initiative of Rajesh Reddy and Ashok Narasimhan. It is headquartered in Burlingame with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Bangalore, Mumbai and Kuala Lumpur.

The company’s cloud-based mobile application platform is used by some of the major brands such as OnMobile, ESPN, Fox, Unilever, Intel, among many others. This platform allows its clients to reach a user base of more than 140 million in 150 countries and deliver billions of transactions annually.

Apart from the recent round, the firm has till date raised around USD 30.2 million in three rounds of funding.

Cloud based SaaS company WittyParrot raises $1M

In order to improve its product capabilities, cloud based Saas firm WittyParrot has raised USD 1 million, per Yourstory’s Shradha Sharma. The seed funding was led by a few angel investors from Silicon Valley including Som Das, founder of a Business Accelerator.

WittyParrot was founded in 2012 by Anil Jwalanna and Rajesh “Raj” Setty. The firm solutions make it easy to find relevant information and then to use it. It is focused on delivering right content instantly for emails, presentations, RFPs and SOWs and makes communication effective, consistent, fast and simple.

In line with its myntra “speak with one voice“, it offers a drag and drop widget or API to improve speed of response and message consistency. It works on both Windows and Mac and also works online and offline. In near-future, the company is also planning to launch its operations in Singapore.

Avendus partners with Zodius to invest $500M in tech

Mumbai based financial services firm Avendus Capital has joined hands with PE fund, Zodius Capital. The deal aims at investing an amount of USD 500 million in India-centric digital and SMAC companies in late stage.

The fund, known as Zodius Capital-II, will be invested over a period of next 3-4 years, exclusively on the technology sector. The funding will take place in three parts of up to USD 150 million each and for a period limited upto 2 years.

Avendus is entering the partnership through its subsidiary Alternate Asset Management.

Operational since 2011, Zodius typically develops one company every six months and works intensively with its portfolio company teams to “speed up” and “shape up” for exceptional growth and profitability.

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