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From Promotions to Reviews, Social Media continues adding spice to Bollywood

With social media becoming the center discussion platform, the phrase “connect with aam janta” has also gain popularity. And the USD 4.5 billion Bollywood industry is currently one among the many, who are trying to make the most out of it.

The trend was started with the Hollywood movies followed by the Bollywood celebrities tweeting to get engaged with their fans. And now, it has become a medium for not only film promotions but also for analyzing the pre and post movie reviews for the movies.

For instance, in 2011, for Shahrukh Khan’s Science-fiction thriller Ra One, the producers spent INR 520 million (US$8.7 million) for the film’s marketing, out of which INR 150 million (US$2.5 million) was utilised for internet promotions alone (Wiki facts). This included an official YouTube channel for the film followed by Khan’s live chat with fans on Google Plus.

Source: imediaconnection

Online games for movies like Chennai Express, Oh My God, Special 26 and many more, formed another promotion medium. Yash Raj production’s ‘Dhoom 3’ going a step ahead, launched electronic gadgets such as gaming tablets D:3 Ultra and D:3 Spectra under its brand. Recently, the first poster for Salman Khan’s home production movie, Jai Ho was revealed on Twitter. Also, there were movies like ‘that girl in yellow boots” which was promoted solely on the internet.

However, the main role here is played by today’s Gen C – Always connected, Everywhere connected. If talked about the user engagement on various channels, Twitter seems to take the lead as majority conversations are drawn from their.

Like, 2 States is one movie to be released next week and both the actors viz. Arjun kapoor and Alia bhatt are busy posting their selfies on twitter. Also, Chetan Bhagat,, the writer for the book ‘2 states’ has also been found aggressively tweeting and promoting the film. Here are a few tweets:




Now coming to the review mechanism. All this social media promotion has left far away the traditional ways of movie reviewing viz. critic statements, newspaper star ratings and word of mouth.

An infographic created by Germin8, a big data analytics company, clearly showcased the social media review of Ragini MMS 2, a Bollywood horror-thriller film. It was a sequel to the 2011 Bollywood found footage horror film, Ragini MMS.

Woah.. this is going a long way. Seems that we will soon get the pitch analytics charts like in cricket for various celebrities as well. Anyways, here are some more tweets for the recently launched Bollywood hits showing users reviews:


Truly agree with you all.. even these two have become my favorites this year. 

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