Business, Investments acquires Internet marketing marketplace Warrior Forum today announced that it has acquired an Internet marketing marketplace and community with over 732,000 members. Post acquisition, the firm will operate independently. The financial details remain undisclosed.

Founded in 1997 by Allen Says, Warrior Forum is ranked by Alexa as the 225th most visited website in the world. The site also ranks in the top 150 websites in the United States and United Kingdom, and top 100 in Australia by traffic1.

The community is comprised of the high profile Internet marketers, online entrepreneurs, growth hackers and technology specialists. Warrior Forum areas include Internet Marketing, Social Media, eCommerce, Offline Marketing, Dropshipping, Mobile Marketing, Ad Networks (CPA, CPM, CPL), Adsense, PPC, Search Engine Optimisation, Product Reviews, Articles, Copywriting, Viral Networks, Programming, Website Design, Blogs and Joint Ventures.

It also includes marketplaces for buying and selling products & services, websites, domain names, hiring freelancers and advertising freelance services, along with classified advertising and an affiliate program database.

The company is known for its War Room and Warrior Special Offers (WSOs). The War Room is an elite private discussion group where the world’s best marketers share their experiences and learnings. WSOs are offers posted in the online marketplace exclusively by War Room members that are special deals unavailable anywhere else on the Internet. Over 7.2 million postings have been made on Warrior Forum to date.

Freelancer Chief Executive Matt Barrie said, “We are looking forward to working with the Warrior Forum community to take it to the next phase. Allen has done a tremendous job over the last 17 years to build the business to where it is today.”

A French origin job outsourcing marketplace,, was launched in 2009 and has acted as a marketplace for outsourced services and crowdsourcing projects. Based out of Sydney, it connects entrepreneurs and SME’s to a global network of skilled freelancers.

The recruitment portal offers jobs across 600 categories and in sectors such as IT, Media, Legal, Finance, Government – Semi Government Organisations, Education, Construction and FMCG.

It holds over 1.8 Mn registered users from India alone and platform connects over 10 million employers and freelancers globally from over 234 countries & regions including the Vatican and Antarctica. Also, it has filed for USD 14.2 Mn IPO last year and has raised USD 3.2 million till date.

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