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ElasticBox raises USD 9 million from Nexus Venture Partners and Intel Capital

ElasticBox, that enables developers and enterprises to create, deploy and manage applications quickly and easily has raised USD 9 million in funding from Nexus Venture Partners and Intel Capital.

Both the investors had earlier participated in the company’s USD 3.4 million seed round along with some other investors.

“The cloud has fundamentally improved how people access and use infrastructure. But developing cloud based applications is still a lengthy, expensive and broken process that is stuck in the dark ages, like way back in the days of bare metal,” said Ravi Srivatsav, CEO and co-founder, ElasticBox in a company statement.  “ElasticBox empowers the developer with preconfigured Boxes that they can mix and match to create applications – similar to the way a DJ blends beats and samples to create new music. It brings Dr. Dre-like creativity to enterprise application development.”

ElasticBox600.jpgElasticBox introduced a modular way to develop applications in the cloud through a new approach, using Boxes. Boxes are encapsulated, fully configured components of your application architecture that can be combined to create and run applications in the cloud.
“We think this is the biggest step in cloud innovation since VMware and Amazon web services,” said Jishnu Bhattacharjee, managing director at Nexus, in a statement to Times of India.  

Founded in 2011, ElasticBox streamlines the development, deployment, and management of applications for any cloud. The company currently offers a free Saas version of its service for developers that supports deployments to AWS, Rackspace and Google compute.

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