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AllizHealth, another healthcare startup in the market or something more?

allizhealthThere are several players including healthcare providers, wellness centres and spa’s serving India’s healthcare space today. But given that India’s total preventive healthcare market estimates over $800 million, the market offers a tremendous opportunity to bring in innovative technology solutions.

As healthcare is one of the sunshine sectors, competition is tough. There are quite a few start-ups in this space and focussed on addressing very niche problems. Same time, established healthcare players are moving into direction of higher user/patient empowerment and better patient engagement models. While competition is getting tough, the relatively longer gestation period along with a need for domain knowledge, are serving as barriers to entry, to some extent.

 Started in 2012, AllizHealth is yet another healthcare technology venture in the space of preventive health which claims to be providing the “true preventive care” for its users.

“When you look at existing healthcare technology solutions in India, most of them keep the health-care provider at the centre and information always has to be pushed by them. However, we believe, for true preventive care, user has to be at the centre of this ecosystem. So, our approach with all our programs and solutions is to empower the users and incentivise them to participate more actively,” claims Chinmoy Mishra, Founder, AllizHealth.


The startup is building a centralized repository of health information which could be used to come up with preventive care interventions at individual, family and community levels.

As first step to build this repository, users can register for our web based Personal Health Record (PHR).  The portal can be used to store/access/share health information and tack various health parameters (BP, BMI, Cholesterol, Sugar etc.) by building self and family profiles (medications, allergies, surgeries etc. One can also set various reminders and notifications – and use AllizHealth as his/her personal health assistant.

Other than its School Health program, where the startup partners with pre and K-12 schools and do complete health assessment of students – the company has recently launched its corporate wellness program where users can use its proprietary Health Risk Assessment tool to identify their areas of health risks. The tool provides recommendation on further lab investigations, baselines the individual’s health status and builds his/her profile. For corporates, it provides a dashboard to view the overall health trends and design targeted intervention programs.


Self-funded so far, the startup is now looking to raise external funding to be more aggressive with its product development and sales.

At present, the registration to the portal and use of various other services is free. The primary monetization channel for the company been through the school Health program and corporate programs, where the company charges a per student assessment fee or an annual subscription fees for the wellness portal and HRA services. “With healthcare providers, we work on a software licensing model. Going forward, we are looking at data analytics services as another monetization channel,” added Chinmoy.

In the last 12 months, the portal had its complete focus on its School Health program. So far, it has been working with 25 schools across Bangalore & Pune. It involved health assessment of more than 7000 students.

Where there are a number of other platforms already serving this niche, AllizHealth claims that majority of them work in silos. “We are probably the first ones trying to bring all the varied services under one roof and provide a complete end to end option to our users,” claims Chinmoy Mishra, Founder, AllizHealth. “This includes assessing their health, collecting information from various sources, analysing the same and then providing options and tools to mitigate their identified health risks.”

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