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Yahoo to ban Facebook and Gmail users to use its services

Yahoo-LogoIn a bid to encourage more users to use its email service, Yahoo is planning to stop letting people access its various online services by signing in with Facebook or Google IDs.

Starting with ‘Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick’Em up’, a fantasy college basketball service, it will eventually remove Google and Facebook signups on several other services like Flickr and Fantasy Sports, reports Reuters. The company hasn’t given any time-frame on how and when will these changes be rolled out. 

Where this makes perfect sense for Yahoo’s strategy to get more users on its email service, how many people will find themselves compelled to make a Yahoo’s login ID or to go back to their older Yahoo ID to use its other products is the real question here.

Recently, Yahoo also freed up some of its usernames by retiring IDs that were abandoned from last 12 months.

Since Yahoo has appointed Marissa Mayer as its CEO in 2012, the company has seen a radical shift in its operations. Other than acquiring a number of companies throughout 2013, the company has also rolled out new versions of many of its products including Yahoo Mail.

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