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Yahoo acquires and shuts data visualization startup Vizify


Yahoo made a total of 28 acquisitions in 2013 and it seems that the list will be longer this year. The company has acquired Portland, Oregon based social data visualization startup, Vizify for an undisclosed amount, as announced on the vizify’s website.

Vizify was founded in 2011 by a trio, viz. Eli, Todd and Jeff, from Monsoon Commerce. The platform turned users social media data into interactive infographics, videos, and more and allowed them to create graphical bios, twitter videos and bite-sized infographics cards.

As a part of the transition, the platform will get shut down and will no longer allow new signups or purchases of paid plans. Those who are already having paid plans will get refunds while Premium customers who registered a domain through Vizify (like, will be provided with the instructions to assume ownership of your domain, free of charge.

Till date, the company has raised a total of USD 1.46 million and is backed by investors such as Techstars and Portland Seed Fund. Also, in December, the firm added over 100, 000 accounts and had more than a million visitors to Vizify bios, videos, and cards.

Although, in its announcement, Vizify has mentioned to bring a more visual approach to data at Yahoo. However, its still not clear,whether it will get integrated into yahoo’s existing services or will come up as an entirely new service.

Other recent acquisitions of Yahoo included Aviate (intelligent homescreen for the Android OS), Sparq, Cloud Party, Tomfoolery, Incredible Labs, Wander (a social diary platform) and Distill (technical recruiting).

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