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Vodafone’s gift to Indian metros – free WiFi hotspots

vodafoneVodafone will soon set up free WiFi hotspots in metropolitan cities in the country, for its subscribers having smartphones. According to a report by TOI, it will provide uninterrupted browsing sessions at possibly high speeds, a few months down the line, even in congested areas.

The project has already initiated in some cities, including Mumbai. It is testing it out in the places with dense Internet usage. The customers would be able to latch on to WiFi airwaves in these areas without having to key in usernames and passwords, after a one time registration with a hotspot. This way the Vodafone users will be able to browse the Internet at higher speeds, by avoiding congested mobile networks.

We’re trialing that in several metros including Mumbai. Wi-Fi off-load is a developing technology and more functionalities are coming out which will make it more seamless. We’re trying to make the authentication seamless,” said Vishant Vora, director, technology, Vodafone India.

This new implementation is part of Vodafone’s plans to improve its data network in India, for which the company will be spending nearly Rs 7000 crores.

Different State Governments are also working on similar initiatives of providing free WiFi zones, such as Karnataka, Bihar, Gujarat and so on. Considering Internet has become an indispensable element in the growth of any country, providing easily accessible Internet to the people will give a boost to a society’s development.

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