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Twitter turns 8, might do away with #hashtags and @mentions

Twitter – a great medium to stay connected to the world marks its 8th birthday today. So how is company celebrating? It has given you #FirstTweet tool, using which you can check what did you tweet about when you joined Twitter – your first tweet!

You can moreover check others’ first tweet who is on Twitter by providing that person’s Twitter handle. You can even retweet your first tweet directly, so expect to see an overdose of ‘my first tweet’ tweets on your timeline for next few days.

Well this was something for its 8th birthday. But if the rumors are correct, Twitter might be covertly working on something big.


Yes, you are right. The long known hashtagger hints for a possible turn to its core functions. According to BuzzFeed, Twitter’s head of news, Vivian Schiller called its #hashtag symbol and @’s as “arcane” and said that Twitter is working to move them into the background of the service.

In a reaction to this, Schiller furthermore Tweeted that there’s a lot more going around how to make Twitter more and more intuitive.


The comment gave a similar impression that Twitter’s CEO, Dick Costolo gave during Twitter’s Q3 earnings. However its still not clear that the company is actually deleting the visible #s and @s to let them crawl at the backed. But if that is what they meant – this might work somewhat how Facebook’s @’s work. You tag someone using@ and they get replaced by highlighted formal names.

Earlier Facebook – in a way – copied Twitter by adding Twitter like hashtags on to its platform. But if the rumors of Twitter going hashtag-less are true, this will make them even.

Hashtags – a new trend in digital marketing

Twitter adopted hashtags into its content centric strategy to helps users donate a separable value to a trending topic. The rest of the socialsphere followed hashtags in its own pace. It’s no surprise that for the masses over the age of 30, hashtags are still a novelty.

An analysis of the Interbrand 100 list and their activity on Twitter, reveals that the world’s top brands have adopted the use of hashtags almost completely. In Q4 of last year, 97 percent of the brands posted at least one tweet that included a hashtag.

Hashtags have recently become more than just a way to categorize posts or to add a narrative to your updates. Marketers have found new and innovative ways to use them as a means to drive conversion, harness public support and garner attention to their brands.

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