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Times Internet extends Alive app to a global DIY platform, Alive studio


Times Internet has recently extended its an year old augment reality app Alive, to a self service AR platform, Alive Studio. This would allow, publishers, media agencies, brands and consumers, to build campaigns on their own using many pre-defined templates like Video AR, WAP AR, ClickME AR, POLL AR etc. Also, an online dashboard will be created to help them keep an eye on the campaign analytics.

The platform is available globally and campaigns can be published either online or offline on any print medium whether newspapers, magazines, billboards, posters, etc. Initially, the platform can be used to create campaigns on a 5 day trial basis. Later, one can opt for different packages ranging between INR 15k-500k.

Alive is the advanced augmentation reality app initially aimed at the augmentation of the print campaigns in TOI. The app allows a reader to scan any real world image be it 2D or 3D, marked with the AR logo. The platform then recognizes the image and matches it with relevant images present in the database. Once a match is found, its associated content like 3D animation, product buying, access image gallery, play video’s etc becomes live on the user’s smartphone.

alive studio campaighn.PNG

As claimed by the company, the app till date has received 1 million downloads and does more than 5 million scans per month. Also, it is the only app that runs on all mobile platforms, viz., iOS, Android, Windows, Symbian, Blackberry and Java.

Thus, considering the growth, Alive has achieved since its launch, opening it up as a revenue streaming source was an obvious step. As said by Ajay Vaishnavi, Director, TimesMobile Ltd, the company is looking forward to join more partners using ‘Alive’ for mobile marketing and to tap the AR opportunities in other countries.

When asked about the future plans, he said, “Currently based on the image recognition technology, there are plans to add audio resolution to this application as well as location scanning. We are looking at many ways by which brands can interact with consumers in a better manner, image recognition is just one part of it.”

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    Why will people use it if there are better people working on this with better technology. Companies like layar and copperpix are world renowned.

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