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Times Internet launches ad technology platform, adCenter

One of the most prominent questions that every advertiser is looking for today is – will offline advertising be irrelevant after few years? And it is one valid question, given that online advertising offers far greater reach with real time metrics to track the effectiveness of ad campaigns, which any form of offline advertising unfortunately doesn’t. So why advertisers still spend millions on offline advertising.

One reason could be – this is where they find their target audience. But that is changing dramatically. According to an eMarketer’s report on worldwide digital ad spending online advertising is expected to account for 25% of total advertising spend across all mediums by 2016.

Looking at the trend, Times Internet is taking a step further into its digital advertising abilities by launching adCenter – as an answer to Google. May be not!

Talking of its capabilities, adCenter is a stop platform that allows brands to discover and reach precisely what their intended audience is – on mobile, native, web and video platforms.


With this, Times will sell all its digital inventory exclusively on the platform with better targeting/retargeting capabilities. This will include inventory on Times’ partnered website including Business Insider and Gizmodo, among others.

One of the core features this will include is a unifying media buying experience with advanced audience targeting and retargeting capabilities. Advertisers will moreover get much greater transparency to track what is happening to their ad campaigns in real time and thereby can manage ROI accordingly.


On the technology side, adCenter uses its own in-house developed metrics system that programmatically connects various external components including ad server, billing backend, RTBs for reports etc – under one platform – and allows media planners/buyers to reach out across platforms.

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