Google’s URL shortner; BBM to introduce ads and more

Facebook messenger now available for Windows Phone 8

Facebook Messenger is now available for the Windows 8 phone users as per the announcement made by Brandon LeBlanc, Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Microsoft in their blog.


The messenger app allows users to send private messages, pictures and animated stickers. They can moreover share their real time location with others. The app will automatically add user’s Facebook friends to the People Tab to get started sending messages. One can also import new contacts.

However, the app does not support features such as voice messaging and chat heads. Chat heads let you quickly read and reply to messages while you’re using other apps. Users can download Facebook Messenger from the Windows Phone Store.

Google’s new App for Android users

Google has launched an Android app for shortening and tracking URLs-Google URL Shortener,  allowing the user to shorten any URL and checking the link on the go.

The app will allow users to track their social networks posts, as it provides a detailed analytics report informing them who all had clicked on their posts. Moreover they can access their history at the website.

Click here to download the app for free from Google play store.

Skype for now available for users worldwide

Skype is now available for worldwide, announced Microsoft. Earlier this was available only for few countries.


According to thenextweb, latest version supports Safari for Mac users, also it has some new feature such as  HD video calling for PC users, improvement in the call notification feature. Along with these features it has also fixed some bugs such as continuation of incoming call to ring in the browser even after users had the plugin and Skype on their desktop running at the same time

Users can now integrate their Outlook with Skype by downloading the plug-in and then visiting their Outlook account.

Gmail iOS app gets a new update

Google has launched a new update for Gmail iOS app with background refresh feature and sign-in across Google iOS apps. The new background refresh feature downloads the new Gmail messages in real time even when the mail is not open.

Prior to the new update, users used to receive a push notification whenever a new gmail message arrives, but they were then required to open the app, refresh it manually and then wait for few seconds to download the new messages. In this new feature, Gmail pre-fetches the mail and there is no annoying pauses for the user.

Also, Gmail app now supports sign-in across Google iOS apps. With this, the users don’t have to type the password or retrieve 2-step verification code every time they switch to another Google app.

Messaging platform BBM planning to introduce ads

Blackberry in an effort to monetize its messaging platform is planning to introduce ads in BBM. In the new update, it will have two types of in-app ads  — sponsored invites for BBM channels and sponsored channel post.

According to Techcrunch, ads for BBM put either sponsored invitations to join a Channel in the “Invites” tab of the app, or put sponsored content right in the “Updates” tab. Also Update is live for Android beta users and it’s been planned for iOS and Windows users, while Blackberry users using BBM might be spared.

Earlier BBM had introduced money transfer services only in indonesia as a way to monetize its platform – is now considering further possibilities in this project.

LinkedIn announces Sponsored InMails for mobiles

In an effort to step up their platform, Sponsored InMail are now available in mobile devices as announced by LinkedIn. Earlier it was available only for desktop users, so members would only get the ad messages if they were logged in from their desktop.


This move is in response to the increase in the LinkedIn page views from mobile devices and sponsored InMail in mobile phones provides advertisers better target the users.

According to the adweek, LinkedIn guidelines only allow one sponsored InMail in every 60 days and also the members can opt for not receiving it from their profiles or from the link at the bottom of each campaign.

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