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Nations pay a high price to fight against malware downloaded from pirated softwares

Enterprises worldwide are expected to spend some USD 550 billion in 2014 to deal with issues caused by malware that are loaded into pirated softwares. According to the report, titled ‘The Link Between Pirated Software and Cyber Security Breaches’, a part of this money (USD 127 billion) is expected to be spent on dealing with security issues while the remaining, would be spent on dealing with data breaches.

The report also estimates the time and money that global consumers unknowingly waste on this because of security threats and costly computer fixes stemming from malware on pirated software. This include USD 25 billion worth of consumers’ money and some 1.2 billion hours in 2014 alone.

Cybercriminals have found new ways to break into computer networks so that they can grab a user’s identity, his/her money and other secured information. “Consumers and enterprises have a 33% chance of encountering malware when they obtain and install a pirated software package or buy a PC with pirated software on it,” the report mentions.

But despite the fears, 43% of the consumers don’t install security updates or routinely check their computers for such viruses.

The report also highlighted that buying a PC from common distribution sources — computer specialty shops, resellers, and local markets — and not from the authorised vendors is the biggest contributing risk in getting such malwares.

Respondents from government sectors moreover showed concern about the loss of business trade secrets, confidential government information and the impact of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure due to these malware attacks.

In a response to deal with this, governments is also expected lose more than USD 50 billion in an effort to deal with the costs associated with malware on pirated software.

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