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Lack of funds for Ecommerce/Online? No Way!

Ecommerce and Online are one of those lucrative fields which seems to offer a huge opportunity but at the same time, requires to battle fierce funding competition too. Some survive, but many get shut down. Mostly, the reason given was the lack of funds and support from investors. But is this really the case?

A recent advertisement in Jaipur’s local newspaper hints a different story.

A VC firm invites ecommerce entrepreneurs to avail a VC funding for startups in areas such as ecommerce, online travel, etc. And this is just at an annual turnover of of INR 5 crore. However, the name of VC firm and the amount of corpus fund was not revealed.


It is clear VC’s are lacking right deal flow and pipeline of startups to invest in. Hence, they are opting for mass medium like news paper classifieds to scout startups and deploy funds.

In an interesting market where investor seek startups and startup seek investors, what is the best way to enable dating between them and lead them to matrimony?

iamWire has written to the firm in above ad, to explore if they would like to invest in many startups that write to us for investment every day.

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    If a company has an annual turn over of Rs 50 Million, that company wont have to ask for investors as investors keep running behind them. This ad doesn’t make any sense.

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