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How about some free mobile calls worldwide with Yaliny?

Cell phones in 20th century changed the face of communication by allowing users to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world. The technology not only made the communication easy but also allowed humans to think about the possibilities of wireless technology.

Then basic cell phones were overtaken by smartphones in 21st century – which, by using the internet technology and apps like Viber and Skype – enabled users to text and call at virtually no cost. These apps provided a solution to some of the biggest pain points of wireless communication that we find on our regular phone networks – heavy communication costs, inefficient network coverage, running out of data anywhere/anytime, and so on.

But then again, these apps didn’t turn out to be a success – for voice call business – given that during voice calls, one requires an active and relatively fast internet connection – which is not possible in several parts of the world.


Looking for a solution to this, a Russia based company – Yaliny is working on mobile communication technologies using satellite as its core. The system will have several parts like satellites constellation (the only way to make the services global – through space satellites) and ground stations network (about 30-40 worldwide) to enable a communication network.

When it’s ready there will be two simple steps for customers. One is to install their free app on a smartphone and second, to buy their device, that the company calls web calls ‘Yaliny Point’ which will be connected to a smartphone (through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) and to satellites constellation. This will then route signals from one to another and vice-versa. The technology would allow any smartphone to be able to work at “space mode”.


All communications inside Yaliny’s system will be free, with monthly subscription fee about $10. Outside communications will be cheaper than usual VoIP rates. So if a user likes to call from South Pole to India., for example, it would be free or incredibly cheap.

Founder of the company – Vadim Teplyakov – has invested several hundred thousands of dollars so far, to turn the idea into a realistic technology for tomorrow. “We expect that total investments will be around USD 250 million. Definitely we’ll need to raise money. We’ve been working on the first stage of this process, going to raise USD 4-5 million to develop a prototype, and will prepare for a big round then,” claimed Nikita Sherman, Evolution Amplifier – Strategy, Yaliny.

A significant problem with telecommunication companies today is that they are pretty huge, and they just can’t get rid of their ineffective infrastructure they spent billions of dollars on. But cutting edge technologies today are extremely different that they were just a short time ago.

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