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FlyFit — a fitness tracking band for your ankle

fitness.jpgNo wonder most of the wearable devices available today are focused on fitness and one thing that’s common among them is that they mostly come in the form of a wrist band.

But FlyFit, another wearable health tracking device tries which is currently running its Kickstarter campaign, tries to stand apart from the crowd by attaching itself to a different body part – the ankle.

The idea is to track activities more accurately that a normal fitness band may not be able to — activities such as bike machines and other stationary exercises. Well that’s one side of it distinguishing from other normal wearable device to monitor your fitness. FlyFit has a lot more than this.


Tracking functions include activities such as tracking, running, biking and swimming leg strokes – yes its waterproof! One can also wear it while sleeping — if the battery still has some life remaining – to track how many hours he or she has managed to sleep and the sleep quality.

Its real-time tracking feature collects data from all activities a user performs throughout the day and provides results via bluetooth to its corresponding app for Android and iOS.

One thing of concern however is its battery life. With real-time tracking off it could last around 8 days which is pretty decent. But for those tecky, fitness freaks who want a minute by minute real time update on how their body is doing — the battery discharges in about 8 hours.1.jpg

Currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, FlyFit is looking to raise USD 90,000. With still having 17 days to go, it has collected over USD 93,000 with around 800 backers. The team is planning to release the product around May 2014.

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