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From courier to crime evidence bags- Dynaflex


Dynaflex, known for making quality Ecommerce and Document courier packaging, has now extended its service portfolio to make tamper proof evidence bags. The move aims at gaining consumer relationships with security agencies such as Police, Investigation Bureaus, the Parliament, etc.

Usually, the law enforcement agencies use paper bags, cloth, ordinary plastic bags to collect the evidences from the crime scene. As a result the evidences which are of (physical, chemical or biological nature) get contaminated with other substances. Also, there lies high chances of them getting tampered as well resulting into a great damage to the case.

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The speciality of these tamper evident envelopes/bags is that, if somebody tries to tamper it by heating, cooling or using a solvent, it leaves an irreversible mark.


Also, there is a provision of bar-coding/sequential numbering, thereby helping in tracing the contents and the chain of custody details printed on it, helping to keep the records intact.

“The export demand has been overwhelming and with such products, our motto is to significantly reduce the no. of case dismissals on account of inferior form of evidence preservation. The company is already in talks with Indian Agencies like CBI, Central Forensic Laboratory and state polices across India for supplying these products,” said Mr. Gaurav Vora, Director, Dynaflex Pvt. Ltd.

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The product is currently used for applications such as Examination envelops, confidential mailing, cash collection and shipping etc.

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