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Apple might launch its iTunes service for Android

Android users may soon get a chance to use iTunes on their devices. According to Billboard, Apple is thinking to launch an iTunes app for Android users in addition to an on-demand music streaming service for its own platform, similar to Spotify.

Music from iTunes have recently seen a constant decline as people are using other streaming music services like Pandora, Dhingana(Indian) and Spotify.

Digital downloads are a crucial contributor for the today’s music industry. But with the entry of streaming services, people are moving away from purchasing music to simply streaming them online. That’s why Apple recently launched iTunes Radio, a streaming version of iTunes that competes directly with apps like Pandora. Its development of a standalone app for iTunes Radio would further help the company to better establish its among its competition.

Now where it seems a matter of status quo for Apple to launch its iTunes on Android, it may just be the only way for the company to further expand its music revenues — unless they find a way to steal a large percentage of the market away from Android.

Where this move, no wonder, could help Apple make some good money in short term, we think that the company should rather solely focus on what they were long known for in 70’s — making software and then making hardware to run their software, to stay ahead in their business.

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