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20 strangers’ first kiss triggers 20 million digital love

How do you grab world’s attention in a day? Upload a Youtube video worthy of social sharing. That’s what filmmaker Tatia Pilieva did. She made a video of 20 strangers kissing each other for the first time, uploaded it to Youtube on Monday. In under 24 hours the video got over 4 million views. And at the time of writing this article, the video had received over 20 million views and is still going viral all around the world.

 So what is so special about this video. The short film shows a group of nervous strangers kissing each other in front of the camera. The selection of people is random, men and women of different ethnicity, age etc. They try to make casual small talk to get comfortable with their assigned partner before making the move. Watch it for yourself.

The video has received appraises like ‘beautiful’, ‘adorable’ and some even saying that this is the way ahead. At the same time it is getting a bunch of criticisms as well, many are finding it disgusting, immoral and so on. The image below is a snippet of two contradictory comments on the video, when one person is supporting it, the other is highly against it.

The reason behind the popularity of the video is the human connect the viewers are experiencing, on the other hand, many have doubts that the people in the video are actually actors who knew each other. The video has a up vote to down vote ratio of roughly 20:1, hence clearly it has managed to gain love from people all around the world. And just overnight, Tatia Pilieva has become famous.

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