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How did the world react to Whatsapp’s mess up?

Who knew that Whatsapp being down will create a bigger buzz than its USD 19 billion deal with Facebook, and could bring the world together online to talk about it, as if it was catastrophic. It went down on 22nd February 11:58 PM IST, and in no time it was in news online. Most of the reactions online are funny, some even give a reality check. Which one do you relate to the most?

Many asked-Is it just me?

I was among those who got surprised by Whatsapp not working, even after switching between broadband Wifi and data connections several times, restarting the phone, uninstalling-installing different versions of the app. Finally on checking the Google PlayStore, it was confirmed  I wasn’t the only one.



Some said- Facebook did it!

Considering that this breakdown happened just two days after Whatsapp and Facebook shook hands, everyone blamed Facebook for it, although it hasn’t even taken over the functioning of the messaging app yet.

Whatsapp acknowledged the breakdown 2 hours later the online world went haywire.

The skeptical ones

Remember the news about Facebook working with NSA? Some people now have suspicions about getting their Whatsapp data leaked too.

The witty ones

Some hilarious tweets came out regarding the whole issue.

The indifferent lot

There were also people who either didn’t even notice it was down, or did not care about the service getting disrupted.

Party time for other messaging apps?

On being unable to use Whatsapp, several users actively started switching to other apps in the market. Telegram was the happiest one among them.

What did you do when Whatsapp went haywire? Share with us in the comments.

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    I was a part of the “switch off my phone”, “must be my network”, “my service provider is useless” gang! A relief to know half the world was doing the same. Sorry service providers, blame lies with whatsapp!

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