Top 5 on why you should buy the new Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung S5.jpgNo wonder one of the major appeals of the new-age Samsung smartphones is their big screen designs. Upgraded from its 5 inches Samsung S4, S5 comes with a 5.1 inches screen, when measured diagonally. Given that the company has steadily increased more than 1 inch on its S-series — since it originally launched Samsung S in 2010 with a 4 inches screen — we wonder where this legacy is actually going to end up.

As now we are done with the prerequisite gyaan about Samsung S series, lets get started with a little inspiration on why you should buy Samsung Galaxy S5 —

1) Monitor your heartbeat

Samsung S5 allows users to keep a constant track on their body pulse and provide the info in its inbuilt fitness monitoring app — S Health 3.0. A similar heartbeat tracking app is also available in the new Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatches.

2) Fingertip scanning capabilities

If rumors are correct, Fingertip Scanner may turn out to be one of the best features of S5. Other than using fingertip technology to unlock the phone, one can use it to make payments through PayPal, for anything. Although a similar feature is available in iPhone 5s, but Samsung’s fingertip feature has taken a more diverse approach, given that iPhone’s fingertip feature is limited to unlocking the phone and making payments via its own iTunes. Moreover, it can register three fingertips and requires 8 swipes to complete the registration.

3) A powerful camera

The phone has a 16 megapixels camera, 3 megapixels more sharper than S4. It moreover promises faster auto focus and ability to blur the background to focus more on the key subject, if required. The camera has also been described as fast focus that adjusts the image in less than 0.3 seconds — making it the fastest ever for a smartphone.

4) Dust resistant and waterproof hardware

Now this is something really useful, especially for urban Indian users. Samsung S5 comes with IP67 dust and water resistance, which makes itself quite waterproof, precisely – if submerged up to 1 meter.

5) Download booster

S5 comes with a download booster which reportedly offers significantly improved download speeds by combining LTE and Wi-Fi 802.11 ac connections.

Besides S5, Samsung has also launched a new version of its smartwatch The Gear. Amazingly, the watch is rumored to have ditched Google’s Android in favour of its own operating system.

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