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Now share your thoughts and chase them with Getechoed

get-echoedEveryone of us make plans or set goals about the things we want to do in our lives. But most of the time, we lack the knowledge or a companion to start the journey with. One of the most effective way to overcome this problem — is to share such thoughts with others.

Understanding this, a Delhi based startup Getechoed, has developed a community driven platform where people can share their tasks with others, set deadlines to them and find companions who share similar interests. The idea is to help people known for what they do.

According to Dipanshu, cofounder at Getechoed, it is very difficult to know what other people with similar goals/interest areas are upto. And all the current goal setting products are way too mechanical. “Today people need much beyond performance measurement apps. People need a product which talks to them as a friend and where they can talk to people around as friends. People need inspiration and not performance measures,” added Dipanshu.

The portal offers a sleek user interface, especially the users’ task/plan section works smooth and with easy usability. Having said that, user interfaces of competitors like Everest, Lift, Bucketlistly etc. are equally challenging.

But talking of the USP of GetEchoed among its competition, the portal offers adequate balance between enabling goal tracking — at personal level and motivation at a social level. Leveraging a community of similar people, GetEchoed provides its users the ability to seek and provide learnings, experiences, milestones and goals to each other.

Moreover, with a number of other established social networks like Facebook, Quora — available and solving the purpose indirectly – encouraging people to its network is perhaps where Getechoed will find its biggest challenge. But on a positive note, these networks are highly cluttered due to which such messages get buried in a short span of time and most often the right person doesn’t get a chance to see the message, which is unlikely to happen in Getechoed.

Currently bootstrapped, the team is looking to raise outside funding to accelerate the overall growth. “We plan for an angel pre seed — some time mid this year — basis the traction and the growth we witness by then,” claimed Dipanshu.

To monetize, the team is looking for a multiple revenue streams. However, two identified channels as the startup see today are: Corporate partnerships, to help drive the employee engagement agenda in the organization; and Brand Challenges where Getechoed is looking for brand partnerships, helping them connect with their users on their daily life imperatives rather than direct selling of their products. The startup is currently working on its monetization strategies and plans to roll them out only once the website moves out of beta.

The startup is also planning to roll out its mobile app for Android and iOS platforms.

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