Servicing the Connected Consumer: Innovations in Fulfilment Technologies

connected_pointsideThe process of order fulfilment today requires more tailored options to keep the modern connected consumer satisfied. In the pursuit to adopt the right strategy for order fulfillment—the process that moves customer orders to actual deliveries and accounts for returns—a business leader today requires to consider a number of things.

As cut-off times for the next-day delivery get shortened, and same-day delivery becomes more widely adopted, retailers’ fulfilment processes are being tested to the limit. Moreover, one of the major challenges to offer multichannel fulfilment options, such as next-day delivery and click-and-collect, is ensuring that the stock is available and is ready to dispatch.

Stay up to date with new order fulfilment technologies

Adopting the new technology is crucial to keep oneself and the business well sustained in today’s highly competitive online retail world. As with consumers becoming more habitual online shoppers – the pressure to fulfill more and more orders is only going to rise with time.

During festive seasons, the performance of many eCommerce stores stays far from perfect as their inefficient technology infrastructure struggles to cope up with the high product demand. Fulfillment performance matters and it demands an appropriate information technology (IT) infrastructure to support it. On the consumer side of eCommerce, there is an increasing desire for detailed information on product availability. Buyers want instant quotes, including taxes, duties and freight costs. And they want to track the progress of their orders online.

Web technology enables companies to redesign their supply chains. The switch from “customer push” to “customer pull” offers high potential for efficiency improvements. Technologies like cloud computing, Distributed Order Management (DOM) help retailers keep an eye on stock levels whilst sitting in traffic, or receive alerts whenever an item runs out. Order Fulfilment managers can even benefit from such technologies, even remotely operating machinery and computer systems from  wireless device.

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