The proof is in the Pudding!!

trynbuy_logoThe marketing environment today is cluttered! Every brand marketer will vouch for that. As brands jostle for space in the consumer’s mind it is only the best that survive in this long run. This survival is based on a lot of factors but most importantly is the trust that is established by the product through its attributes.

A lot of brands go the “spray & pray” approach to this issue hoping that they would get the trust of their consumer and eventually drive higher sales and profits. Some of them actually do get away with it due to their superior products but not before they waste precious marketing dollars to inefficient ways of reaching the consumer in a consistent basis. In their ruthless quest of reaching this consumer, they also forget to leverage the consumer itself. Everything is done with factory precision which takes out the personalization from the equation and goes under the umbrella of “mass marketing”.

Fast forward to an ideal scenario, a consumer has the full freedom to reach out to a brand flick a few buttons and gets to experience a product/service of their choice. Even better is the feedback they see from peers in real-time forming a very strong opinion in this whole process. This whole ecosystem gives control back to the consumer to pick and choose what is relevant for them at that very context of place and time.

The brands, on the other hand, benefit from reaching out to only interested consumers in a personalized way which eliminates a lot of inefficiency from the traditional way of doing things. At the very same time, they get real-time insights from the marketplace which helps them position their brands in the right way across consumer segments and demographics. At the end it is a win-win ecosystem where both brands and consumers collaborate to benefit each other and build this trust in a highly efficient way.

Based out of Bangalore, TrynBuy India is one such startup in this space. Various segments such as Restaurants, apparels, etc. are building out campaigns with the online portal to create the trust with their consumers in a fast and credible manner.

For eg., Apparel brands have partnered with Trynbuy India wherein, Opt-in consumers are offered to try the fabric of niche materials like silk and cashmere before they make a purchase online. A swatch of the material is sent across and delivered to them for a real “touch and feel” before they see they see and make the purchase online.

Initially starting with the web and mobile space, the company has also recently launched the concept of “Tryosk”. At Tryosk, products are dispensed through a vending machine based on consumer’s preferences. Consumers register through a mobile app on Trynbuy India and create their profile. A unique QR code is generated through the mobile app based on the profile which acts as a key to the vending Tryosk. The Tryosk scans the QR code and dispenses the selected product to the consumer if it matches their profile and preferences.

The company is planning to place these vending machines in airports, malls and mass transit over the next few months. The same app would be used by consumers to get notified of new products relevant to them and see the reviews and feedback from fellow consumers at the same time.

Discovery or experience commerce is this ecosystem which is rapidly setting pace in the Indian marketplace. Categories like FMCG and CPG are the first ones to come on board to embrace and utilize this new ecosystem and stay in continuous touch with consumers. Interestingly it is now not only limited to products but is slowly getting used by services too.

No doubt, there are exciting times ahead for consumers & smart brands in the near future with innovations like these.

About the author: Beerajaah Sswain is the CEO and Founder, Trynbuy India. Previously, he was associated with Omnicom Media Group as a VP. Also, he has been a co-author of “2016: Beyond the Horizon” and is counted as one of Asia’s 10 most popular people in digital advertising (iHubMedia).

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