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Patna launches world’s largest free WiFi stretch

wifiLast year Karnataka government introduced free WiFi in Bangalore, becoming the first Indian city that ever had a free open wifi for public. This time its Bihar. Otherwise known as one of the most backward state in the country, Bihar has made a great effort to make itself count in the world’s infotech map.

According to a recent report, Patna — capital city of the Indian state of Bihar, now has the 20km free Wi-Fi zone, the longest across the globe. So next time you plan to visit Patna, don’t forget to turn on your WiFi while crossing Ashok Rajpath to Danapur.

The announcement was done by Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar at the e-Bihar summit in Patna on Wednesday. The state’s free WiFi zone is now the largest in the world, followed by China’s 3.5km free Wi-Fi zone and London’s 2.5km.

Other than this, IT minister Shahid Ali Khan said that a free WiFi facility will soon be provided at all the tourist places across Bihar.

Along with this, the state government also announced its ‘city surveillance and dial 100′ scheme under which at least 100 CCTV cameras will be installed in different localities.

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