Microsoft announces partnership with Lenovo and LG, among others as Windows Phone supporters

microsoft copyPoised to become a Windows phone maker on its own, Microsoft has recently taken a different route by announcing at the recently held Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that the company is looking to partner new Windows Phone makers.

Among others, two of the most important partners announced by the company however are Lenovo and LG which are currently the world’s fourth and fifth largest smartphone makes across the world. However, any news on when and how these new partners would be bringing new handsets to the market is yet undisclosed.

The deal makes a perfect sense for Microsoft as the company is trying to position itself as the third largest smartphone operating system maker in the market behind Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. Right now LG and Lenovo are selling only Android handsets, and will be interesting to see what Windows Phone devices come up with, if the partnership turns out to be a success.

Moreover, where this could result into a positive turn for Microsoft in making a successful Windows phone, how it manages to keep a balance with Nokia which is already owned by Microsoft is yet another question. In another recent news, Nokia has released launched Android-based devices. This is the first time nokia has launched any  Android supporting device since the company has acquired by Microsoft.

While android marketshare is increasing significantly across the globe and Apple and Android leading the game, Windows Phone is still facing a hard time in competing with the two. According to a report released by ABI Research, Windows phones hold only 4% of the total global smartphone market.

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