Engaging the connected consumer with content marketing and social media [#IRE 2014]

rajeshIn the past few years, we have seen that evolution of technology and social media have given birth to a new class of consumers, i.e Gen C. This generation is not only more connected or more informed, but also shares its post service experiences openly, with the power to either damage or rebuild a brand.

Being a retailer, one needs to be aware of the consumers who use social media to reach out to the respective brand. However, seeing the current scenario, reaching the connected consumer goes beyond this. No matter if a brand is posting regular relevant content on every social media, it’s going to miss people and in order to reach out to them one has to do some serious content marketing whenever and wherever possible.

At iamWire’s Internet Retail Expo 2014, Rajesh Lalwani, CEO at Blogworks, taught about the ways of acquiring consumers in a best possible low cost manner with social media and content marketing.

The session began with an interesting video presentation featuring various dance moves like Jazz, Kathak, etc. The aim was just to showcase that story-telling is the future of customer engagement. He further talked about the reasons marketers fail in making their content consumed.

“Content is pure expression like art where you are not answerable to anyone, but Content marketing is like a design, that must have a purpose. At present, content marketing is really the fuel to establish our relationships in the connected world,” said Rajesh.

He also believes that social content is all about understanding consumer behavior and riding waves. According to Rajesh, understanding consumer behavior is imperative. When you talk about what’s happening around you and develop content you grab the right attention. “you must ask questions while creating content like does it showcase my character, why would people like to engage with us, Is my content sticky, why will people share it, Do I tell great stories, and much more.

During the session, Rajesh also illustrated various campaigns highlighting the points imperative in their success. This includes brands such as Jacob Cohen denims, AllenSolly, etc.

“Brands are back to spamming the hell out of people. As a result, my timelines are carrying less of brand messages. You need indulge to a point where you start spamming the customer”, he added.

For an overview of the social media discussions around this session, see this Storify. You can also watch this three-minute trailer or the full video.

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