Converting the connected consumer: Landmines to avoid in user experience design [#IRE 2014]


At present, a lot of practices are being adopted by site owners to attract and sell the products on their site. Email marketing, COD services, more than 100 payment options, over thousands of product choices, cheaper shipping services, and much more. With Indian eCommerce market being valued at USD 14 Bn currently, the competition between internet retailers is getting more and more fierce especially in terms of conversion of the potential buyer landing on their homepage.

There are players like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, etc. which are not only dealing with high volumes of traffic but have also attracted good amount of funds from the VC’s and the angels. But what about the new entrants? Despite of having much knowledge about their target market, product, technology, innovation, etc., the conversion rates for most of the web stores is a mere few percent, which is quite low considering the rising amount of internet penetration in the country and the increasing number of online buyers.

At iamWire’s Internet Retail Expo 2014, Neha Modgil, Director at Techved Consulting talked about actually converting the connected consumer, once he/she lands on the company’s web page.

According to Neha, websites that make an emotional connect are likely to convert more. “Web Conversion optimization (WCO) is all about maximizing the chances to convert the visitors on your site to a qualified lead by improving the online user experience. This is largely done by various kinds of analysis based on clusters, page scroll, number of clicks, position of clicks on the page, etc,” said Neha.

She further added that, it is a must to find what is the exact behavior of your customer when he is on your website. Having an insight into customer behavior only helps in improving yourself.

Neha than shared two case studies wherein she talked about some key points that one should focus upon while creating a web page. This includes understanding user behavior, order of navigation sites, display info, and much more. “Whatever sells the most on your website should be put on the top of the navigation. The first thing the customer views on your site should be your most sold product.” She also stated that, in India the customer is price sensitive. Therefore, categorizing by price gets more clicks as compared to categorize by size.

For an overview of the social media discussions around this session, see this Storify. You can also watch this three-minute trailer or the full video.

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