Internet is dead [#IRE 2014]

Traditional internet, as we know it today has lost its value. Companies who have become billion dollar with internet being their core business, have realised that the way new world is moving, demands more than just offering simple/closed infrastructure internet services.

The browser-based internet is in the midst of transition — and even if the leading internet giants are developing the best of application layers compatible with coming technologies, the open foundation of the web is likely to continue providing a greater innovation scope for new and upcoming companies.

So, what exactly is the future of the internet? What all technologies are going to rule the world in the time to come? What is the future of mobile? At iamWire’s Internet Retail Expo 2014, Ashish Paul, Chairman and CEO, The Legend Group came forward to answer these.

As said by Ashish, internet started its journey in 1969, but in 2014 its dead and by 2020 we will be having an entire new world, that would be known as ” Inter-Universe”. The  inter-universe is all about unique IP that changes on your phone from place to place. You define the devices and the app’s are in the trust and closed loop.

For e.g., in this universe, a cricket ball could tell you whether it has hit the boundary or not; a wallet which would alert you whenever you cross an ATM and you are short of cash at that moment, a bookshelf that will select books on its own and the list was endless.

“The death of internet may be a SHAKESPEAREAN tragedy to some… but Silicon Valley insiders are guzzling champagne at its funeral,” he added.

The future though seems mesmerizing, but if we listen to Ashish, then this is not future anymore, it has already arrived. However, its you who will be deciding the final process of how things need to get happen. Adding more Ashish said that the next wave of efficiency in product will come through the shift from pre-wired BPM and organizational structure to networks.

Ashish also believes that one need to start thinking in the NO BOX paradigm, connecting the unconnected, have trust and compassion, have well defined processes and be open yet, secure and true.

For an overview of the social media discussions around this session, see this Storify. You can also watch this three-minute trailer or the full video.

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