Internet Retail Expo — a step towards the future of online retail

Despite the slower economic growth and rising inflation in the country, India’s eCommerce market has grown at a staggering rate. Factors like growth in internet penetration, increasing middle class with disposable income and rising number of smartphone connected people are however the biggest contributors to this growth.

According to Raman Gulati, Director, Corporate Affairs, HomeShop18, Online Retail in India is going through a very interesting phase across all parameters. The industry offers a great opportunity for both, the businessmen and the customers.

With changing lifestyle and technology trends, customer behaviour is also changing dramatically. Today people not only use the web to book air tickets, but also place order to buy mobile phones, laptops and other consumer electronics and home appliances. At Internet Retail Expo, learn where the industry is heading and what lies in the future for YOUR online retail business.

“IRE is a great platform to bring in all the retailers under one common roof in India. Its a fantastic platform,” added Raman.

Meet the Who’s Who of Online Retail at #IRE2014

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