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What is the future of internet?

future-technologyWhat’s the world of internet is going to look like in a decade? What will you be using it for? What’s the future of mobile? What all technologies are going to rule the world in the time to come? These are few of the most common questions technologists are talking about these days.

Traditional internet, as we know it today has lost its value. Companies who have become billion dollar with internet being their core business, have realised that the way the, new world is moving, demands more than just offering simple/closed infrastructure internet services.

The browser-based Internet is in the midst of transition — and even if the leading internet giants are developing the best of application layers compatible with coming technologies, the open foundation of the web is likely to continue providing a greater innovation scope for new and upcoming companies.

The world is increasingly moving towards environments where consumers and employees download apps on devices. This majorly has affected due to important role of mobility in business and consumer life, and the security threats that lurk in the World Wide Web.

Moreover, app stores today are becoming more prevalent in both corporate and personal contexts. This rise of apps reflects an increasingly proprietary Internet and there’s no question that open platforms are going to give the users to tomorrow — a more resilient infrastructure than closed platforms.

“The idea of connecting process, knowledge and data seamlessly for the unconnected is the next “internet”. Device to Device communication through a secure unique ID that does not require any connectivity but still connects is the future where the unconnected and the lower income population can get the benefits of economic growth. These are the business outcome that are created through the mobile apps such as InDo MEEPASS which will transform the internet into the anytime.anywhere for everything.everywhere. The unbankable can bank and the unconnected can communicate.” believes Ashish Paul, Chairman and CEO at Indo-solutions.

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