How to Implement Technology for Anywhere Commerce

omni channelConsumers are adopting new technologies quicker than ever. With new innovations happening every other day, its hard to guess-what’s going to be the next shifting technology trend for your online business.

Uptil now, the major shortcomings with online shopping has been the lack of instant gratification that comes with in-store shopping and the ease with which consumers can get their hands on products in real time. But with new emerging technologies such as virtual-experiences that advantage for traditional retailing has gone.

The world of online retailing is moving to a multi-channel, on-the-cloud experience. Multi device ownership and permeative connectivity mean that the global customers now have, use, and expect multiple ways to interact and perhaps shop from today’s retailing companies. Offering a channel agnostic experience is no more a practice to stay ahead of the competition but has become the need of the hour.

However, while transforming to provide a seamless shopping experience, few among many roadblocks a retailer could face are channel synchronization, inventory management, meeting consumer expectations, managing order data and supply chain.

According to Manoj Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO at edabba, the biggest challenge to have an omni presence is to maintain a seamless customer experience. He believes that for today’s retailers, it is essential to have a very strong backend, so that the front end at different levels could be easily managed without any disturbance in the experience of an end consumer.

Today’s consumers want to be able to switch channels and continue the same conversation with the brand. But for retailers its very important to understand shoppers and enable them to effortlessly move across touch-points even for a single purchase and have a consistent experience.

“Growing use of mobile devices and apps means customer data and information is now no more restricted to orders placed in a store. Instead, there is a growing stream of data generated by web and mobile clickstream info. The ability to store and parse this growing data streams will require the use of big data similar to how the data is already used by pure internet retailers,” said Vikram Bhat, VP Products at Myntra Designs Private Limited.

There are a number of technologies like Distributed order management system, Cross-channel/store inventory visibility, Cross-platform digital identification of customers, Location-aware mobile applications and location-based services QR Codes that enable retailers to work seamlessly across channels and reach out to anywhere consumers.

“In an interesting situation of internet retail where modern retailers are shaping up eCommerce, experts believe that mobile is the future. Moreover with different technologies taking over the world, is inevitable for retailers in India to plan for channel agnostic technology and thereby avoid repeating the mistakes that western market has done” believes Ankur Dinesh, Co-Founder and Director at Internet Retail Expo.

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