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Iconic Indian monuments go global on Google Street View

Can’t visit Agra, India to tour one of the seven wonders of the world? Not to worry, Google is now bringing the Taj Mahal to you. Last night Google revealed the 30 of the most popular monuments in India on its Street View. From Red Fort and Qutub Minar in New Delhi to ancient temples of Muvar Koli in Tamil Nadu, Google has put them all up in a panorama display.

Google has worked for months with Archaeological Survey of India to bring this Street View Imagery of these iconic monuments online, so that the people across the world could experience their glory. The common aim of the two is that, this step will help share and preserve these sites, their stories and more of India’s diverse heritage for generations to come.

In addition to Street View, Google is also showcasing India’s rich heritage , by sharing pictures of Indian monuments built during 3 BC – 1800 AD on its Cultural Institute. This virtual gallery displays details about photograph once someone clicks on it. The media collection has been contributed by ASI and LIFE photo collection.

The collaborative work of ASI and Google is commendable. Even though India is a popular tourist destination, not everyone gets an opportunity to actually come and visit these places. Street View can be accessed through Google Maps. To visit the Cultural Gallery, click here.

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