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Hacking of user’s browser settings tops the list of cyber crimes: Google

google chromeRecently, majority internet users has made complaints to Google about the change of their browser settings unknowingly, as disclosed in its recent blog post . A malicious software is used to modify a user’s browser settings, which often comes bundled with files such as free games or free screensavers, etc., that one is trying to download.

The activity aims at redirecting user to a particular website, thereby increasing the hits as well as the advertising revenue.

In october last year, Google has added the ‘Reset Browser Settings Tab’ in order to give control in users hands. Also, in case the settings appears to get changed, a user is also prompted in Chrome to restore them to default. However, despite of that, the number of such complaints are on continuous rise.

“Some hijackers are especially pernicious and have left behind processes that are meant to undermine user control of settings, so you may find that you are hijacked again after a short period of time”, Google VP Engineering Linus Upson said.

If that happens one can find additional help uninstalling such programs in the Chrome help forum. Even if the prompt is not seen, one can always restore Chrome to a fresh state by clicking the reset button in his/her Chrome settings.

With the increase in internet penetration, cyber crimes have came a long way in the past few years. According to 2014 predictions of AARP, more attacks will be aimed at smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are expected this year. Also, it was expected that hackers this year will target Software Developers, and will focus more on destroying rather than collecting data.

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