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GetitBazaar launches integrated payment and delivery solution

getitbazaarGetitBazaar, an open marketplace for eCommerce, has launched an integrated transaction processing service to allow merchants to manage payment collection and delivery. With this tool, the sellers can integrate their existing websites, Facebook page, mobile apps, call center application etc. onto the company’s platform.

The company is charging the merchants a one time integration fee of INR 15,000, and INR 100 for every successful transaction. In order to protect the sellers, there will be no charges in case, a transaction fails due to customer rejection or refusal there will be no charge levied and the product will be returned to the seller.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Kiran Murthi, CEO, getitBazaar said, “Return or rejections of goods are problems faced by every retailer selling online. This integrated service will be immensely helpful to our merchants; it will make it easy for anyone to manage eCommerce without the hassles of a call center, returns department and operations. We want to help sellers focus on making better products and marketing it better, getitBazaar will take care of all the service issues.“

The move also aims at easing the logistics part of running an eComm business for the vendors, including warehousing and last mile delivery. Although the services seem lucrative, it is to be seen how economical will the model prove for getitBazaar when it’s offering to take the entire payments and logistics functions on itself.

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