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Free internet from space to soon be available globally

OuternetIn a bid to reach the unreachable and offer free wifi across the globe, a US based company is planning to build an Outernet a global network of cube satellites broadcasting internet data.

This will include a number of cube satellites creating a constellation of stars in the sky. Each satellite will then receive data streams from ground stations and transmit the data in continuous loop until new content is served.

According to the organisation, over 60 percent of the world’s total population is still unable to access internet today. Another similar report on world’s internet penetration states that out of 2.5 billion people who have internet access in the world, most of them live in North America and Western Europe.  Internet penetration by region: North America 81%, Western Europe 78%, Oceania 63%, CEE 54%, East Asia 48%, South America 47%, SouthEast Asia 25%, Africa 18%.


Outernet is an effort to provide free internet access to all people, regardless of their income, country’s infrastructure or geography, and any other means of censorship.

But developing such technology would not be cheap. Outernet is seeking significant donations – not crowdfunding. The website has also set-up a forum page to discuss the ideas outlined by the company.

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