Facebook chooses mobile over mail, shuts

facebookFacebook launched its own email service four years back, but even till now it has hardly gotten any active users, the company accepts that and is finally giving up. The news has come two days after the company bought Whatsapp for a whopping USD 19 billion.

The social network told AFP that it is retiring the email “because most people haven’t been using their Facebook email address, and we can focus on improving our mobile messaging experience for everyone.”

The company launched its mail service back in November 2010 in an effort to win over Google’s email service, by encouraging its Facebook members to switch emails. But unfortunately that didn’t give much sweeter results.

 From now on, any email being sent to users’ address will not go to their Messages on Facebook, but will rather end up in their default primary address – being used while creating the Facebook account.

This however brings another problem to the users. Given that one can easily figure out other people’s email address by finding their profile’s url followed by, it would not be hard for anyone to land into others’ private email inbox. So how Facebook plans to control that is the real question.

Is email Dying? With the world moving towards more trendy social networks, what use does an email address have for today’s connected generation apart from using one to login to their social network is one of the most asked questions.

But despite any degrading trend we see, email is here to stay for the years to come, not only because its still the most widely used communication technique in the business world, but also because Facebook, Twitter etc are run by companies to generate profits whereas, email is not owned by any single organization and hence it offers and is likely to offer the most cheapest mode of advertisement online. In general, email is evolving, and its integration with social media will further enhance its value in the days to come.

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