eShack — an online store for drinking accessories

“Unlike West, India does not have a party culture”, we often come across similar statements, which seem quite true. But the reality depicts a different picture – if talking of today’s startup market.

Recently a number of portals like vGulp, Hitplay, HappilyUnmarried and many more have entered in this niche, offering a great value to alcohol lovers with their unique products/services. Thanks to other eCommerce players like Madhuloka and WineBazaar, one can now even fulfill the most wicked fantasies of himself/herself i.e online order on top of the luxury of getting the booze home delivered.

Following the trend, ‘eShack’ — an online store for strictly funky, quirky bar and party accessories. eShack offers products such as Beer Towers,Beer Hat/Helmet, Beer Bong, Alcohol Fuel Pump, Ice Shot Glasses – basically everything that makes house parties a blast!

With already having almost everything a boozer can think of, the portal also sells T-Shirts with slogan revolving around words like ‘Beer’ or ‘Drink’.

The idea of coming up with such a platform hit Ashwajeet Singh & Arman Sood in their 2nd year at Law School and determined to see our idea through to execution. “Our summer post 2nd Year went into setting base, importing and selecting accessories, branding and web development and warehousing and logistics. We returned to law school and launched with a bang. At present we run the start up from our college apartment with 2 employees handling our warehouse and delivery,” added Arman.

According to the team, Indian market offers a significant opportunity to make businesses of this kind a success. “We have received a great response from our customers. Initially we targeted only the end consumer but we realized that there was a greater market to explore with respect to event managers, corporates and bars.” said the team.

The company also fulfills bulk orders for bars and other corporate parties/events.

The portal claims to attract a decent number of users on its website, who according to the founder are constantly increasing and that too with no significant business marketing. The team states that although they receive most of their orders from metro cities, small places around India offer a fair share of orders. This includes towns like Raipur, Patiala, Rohtak, Panipat and moreover Ahmedabad, which is supposedly a dry state.

Partying in India has recently become mundane and redundant, giving birth to several such startups. The industry offers a great opportunity for players working in this space. According to a recent report, some four million new consumers are estimated to enter the western-style liquor market in India every year — giving an impression that the market is all set to grow in the times to come.

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