Engaging the Connected Consumer with Content Marketing and Social Media

connected_consumerWhat it means to be a connected consumer changes as fast as technology evolves. Talking of a few years ago, a connected consumer used to be someone whom you send email newsletters to influence his/her decision – but today its much more that that. Today’s consumer is connected to the world and to your brand on multiple screens like smartphones, laptops and Google Glass.

Connected consumers on social media

Consumers are long influencing others in their network by word of mouth and a retailer can’t ignore this fact. Where earlier it used to be via face to face interactions, with technology the trend has changed and includes doing so through social media.

Connected consumers have networks they trust that are carefully built on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. They use these platforms to share their ideas about lots of things, including consumer products!

Being a retailer, one needs to be aware of the consumers who use social media to reach out to the respective brand. Meeting them there, where they’re looking, is a good way to appeal to the customers. The more they find a brand on different networks, more they connect with it and build the bond of trust and reliability.

But reaching the connected consumer goes beyond social media. Its important to understand that consumers today are good at multitasking, and not all connected consumers are connected at the same level. No matter if a brand is posting regular relevant content on every social media, it’s going to miss people and in order to reach out to them one has to do some serious content marketing whenever and wherever possible.

No one marketing channel is going to reach to all connected consumers. But you need to try to connect with your market, and more importantly with your targeted audience in a more multi-channel approach.

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